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Looking for help ( preferences ) I think


New member
Can some on point me in the right direction I am new to Rhino 3D V4 and RhinoCAM. I can not get the units to remain in inches I have to reset it each time I start the program ( I do select small object inches ) but it still starts in metric.

Also I can not get the tool information to remain with the machining operation when I close and save the file. Upon reopening the file all the info has to be re-entered this happens every time. IT IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME ARRRRRG.

Can someone help ??:eek:
I know it seems obvious, but did you make sure and check the box that says "Use this file when Rhino starts"

You may have done that before on the wrong file. So to fix it just open rhino, then hit File>New

Choose Small Objects - Inches.3dm (or whatever you want), and check the box at the bottom.

Should solve your problem. I don't do machining here though, so won't pretend to try and answer your other question.