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Loss of visibility with 'smaller' part bodies.


Hi all,

Recently when I've been using Catia V5 I seem to be losing visibility of 'smaller' objects when I zoom out a bit (hardly anything at all). I really need to zoom in to have sight of them again.

As well as that, I also lose viability of the pointer when at the origin, when drawing a sketch.

It used to work just fine a week ago, and I haven't changed anything since.

Does anyone know why this is?

Any ideas and contributions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Harry.
Cursor on the origin but doesnt show.png
^^ Cursor is on the origin, but it doesn't show that the origin is highlighted (other than the fact the line is blue)

Loss of side of sketch.png
^^ Lost visibility of the side of the sketch. The same thing happens when in Assembly Design to imported smaller objects. Eventually, the largest model disappears too.
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I'm not sure why your cursor (pointer) is disappearing, but I think I know what's happening to the small objects.

Go to Tools + Options, click the General + Display branch, and look in the Performance section; the first option for Occlusion Culling should not be enabled (not orange). That should fix your problem. You might want to adjust the 3D Accuracy and 2D Accuracy settings also.

occlus cull.png



Perfect! It works again. Not sure why it was enabled, must have hit it at some point without realising!

Many thanks,