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making a rollcage


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ok...first of all...im a newbie...:eek:
i have to design a rollcage of a vehicle.(buggy type frame)
I started plotting points in 3d according my reqd dimensions in Part Design workbench.Then i joined them with lines and did the rib command.
But this doest join the ends of pipe...
Plz suggest me some method...:(


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To make the rollcage as one continuous rib:

in the GSD workbench:
1. Add CORNERS where the lines meet, to represent the bend radius of the pipe
2. JOIN the lines and corners into a single, continuous curve.

switch to Part Design workbench, and
3. make the RIB


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Thanks mr catia. :)
But i cant still figure out what to at the corners where three lines meet.....
The corner command seems to work for pts where 2 lines are meeting..


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Make a separate Rib for each piece of pipe that makes up the rollcage.

(you might want to make each pipe(rib) a different size (different OD and ID))

Use the CORNER and JOIN only for a series of lines that define the shape of a bent piece of pipe.

So, when 3 pieces of pipe end at the same point, you need to make 3 different RIBS in CATIA.

Depending on how detailed you want to get, you might put all the ribs into a single PartBody, or you might want to put each rib into it´s own PartBody, or...

In Industry, most companies will make a separate CATPart file for each piece of pipe and then use the Assembly Design workbench to bring all the parts into the rollcage assembly as a CATProduct. The Welding workbench can be used to define how all the pipes are welded together.
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ok...i tried doing the polyline in GSD workbench...but wen i try to rib it...it says
Sweep Operator:
The centre curve is neither continous in tangency nor planer.....



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I know that I'm bumping a year-old thread but I'm having the same troubles as the OP.

I've made my rollcage in Part Design and GSD and it's currently just a bunch of lines and points. I'm trying to apply the RIB command in Part Design but I keep getting an error message.

I've drawn a cross section of the tube in the ZX-plane and used that sketch as the Profile I wish the extrude along the Center Curve (the main hoop of the rollcage) which lies in the YZ-plane.

When I try to do the rib I get a message that says that Sketch.1 (the YZ-plane that contains the main hoop and crossbars) isn't valid for the feature I want to create.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


  • GTI rollcage.JPG
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The center curve for the Rib must be a line or continuous curve with no sharp corners (and the bend radius must be larger then the pipe OD). That's why sketch.1 isn't valid.

I think using sketches is a mistake. Use individual lines instead. Or use Joins or Polylines as previously discussed.

(another option is to use "output features," but let's keep this simple)


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Pipeline Welding

I started plotting points in 3d according my Pipeline Welding dimensions in Part Design workbench.Then i joined them with lines and did the rib command.

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