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Making complex line by setting geometric rules (I imagine that's what I'm doing)

Making complex plane- blade- by setting geometric rules

I plotted four lines. One of them is meant to signify width of a blade, then there's the direction of blade base along height, direction of blade relative to base, and then the curvutre of blade. It looks properly wild to me. Effectively 4 lines plotted, 2 on xy, 1 on yz, and 1 on xz. How do I produce the blade, I magine it's realistically the most manageble form of producing a blade if you want to make sure that the stress can be optimized along the whole blade.
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could you attach a picture please? I'm having a hard time picturing this blade in my head.

knife blade? propeller blade? fan blade? rotor blade?
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Jet engine rotor blade to be more exact:

Gradient of protrusion (by width, if you look at the face of blade how much it points to left or right- determines lenth if you set curvuture gradient)
Direction of blade (gradient of curvuture meaning how much it bends and therfore how thin it is along the lenth)
Blade base direction alongst heigh
Blade base direction alongst lengh/width
I guess what im doing is plotting porcupine lines to represent pressures that the blade is meant to exert, and then positioning blade along those lines
Point here being to change systematically how all blades are configured within turbine by moving spline where planes for specific blades are predetermined, therefore you could adjust to turbine being made of wood for example.
Basically describe how I'd go about plotting 3 splines and then producing a proportionate line to that. This way I could produce blades using sections of the spline, which would require that I experiment more while optimizing the configuration, but once I do get it right, I'd have absolute freedom in operating parameters (pressures/temperatures sustained by parts) by modifying the 3 original splines. (the first 3 splines determine blade base, and the next 3 would determine blade edge).