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Mass Propities


New member
Hello All,

First post on here so sorry if I miss anything.

I'm working on a part that needs to be very well balanced. I've been using the Solidworks mass properties tool to fine tune the center of mass by removing material. I've then used the mirror tool to create a left hand version. But the center of mass moves when I do this.

I've used the mirror bodies option and can see no reason why it should move. I've checked loads of dimensions and they are all correct.

Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone found a fix?

I can't upload any models I'm afraid as all the work is under Non Disclosure Agreements.

Thanks in advance,



New member

Your new CG will likely change because the CG is now calculating with the second mirrored part included. I don't understand why you think it wouldn't move (depending on which axis more mass is added) I don't know what else could happen other than your coordinate system changing?