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Match Surface


New member
Hey Rhinofans,

I've got a little/big problem with the Rhino match srf tool. I try to get G2 connection at the surface A B and C. I firts built surface A and match this with C to get a nice connection there, then I tryed to build surface B and match it with a. Now every time I try to blend it with C (tryed diffrent numbers of degrees and options) it always destrys the G2 connection to surface A. Rhino is not able to connect the 3 surfaces A,B and C with G2. I tryed "Multimatching", but no G2 connection also.
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Thanks for the help, I am at the end of hope.

Greetings Stephan

PS.: I dont want spans in my surfaces and they have to be as simple as possible. I tryed the same thing in Autodesk Alias and there it worked...