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Measure linear feet of objects in 3D Cad


New member
I work with AutoCAD quite a bit with my job, but until this point I had only worked professionally with 2 dimensional drawings.

I recently started working with a new department who subs out their cad work because it all needs to be done in 3D

So i have the file, and it includes a lot of piping and such, and I need to figure out how to measure the linear lenght of piping and I'm not aware of any shortcuts that would allow me to do this. Not even the old fashioned way. Maneuvering around in 3D is very different so my 2D methods may not be affective in this situation.


Even if I have to add each piece of pipe up seperately I will..I just need to figure out how to measure the center lines of the piping. (everything is in feet and is scaled so there's no issue there)