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Mechanical CAD Designer


New member
I am a mechanical designer who possesses ingenuity, leadership and a tireless work ethic and a proven ability to design products from inception to fabrication and installation. I have been responsible for providing non-analytical engineering designs, new drawings, bills of materials and maintenance of existing products. I am also an experienced mechanical and electronic technician with a unique mix of skills including a working knowledge of multiple CAD systems. More importantly I have a talent for quickly mastering design, manufacturing processes and 3D CAD software. I believe I am an ideal candidate for any designer position, even positions that call for an engineering degree.

If you know or know someone that knows that is looking for an accomplished, talented and creative person with a strong product design and CAD background I would welcome the opportunity to talk with them.



RE: Mechanical Drawing

Hello Sir:

Just wondering if you would be interested in doing the drawings and measurements for a small auto part for me. I need the drawings and measurements for production. If interested, please contact as soon as possible. have a great day.



Hello MJ!

We are very interested with your post. We have a many services for you seclection. Please contact our.

Our Sevices
It offers high quality services and any drawings to create drawing traces of 3D Modeling.

Outsourcing-related services

• 3D Model

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Tracing drawings

Figure created from parts assembly diagram ·

• Design or CAD drawings

• Existing or CAD drawings

We also work on behalf of the overflow and in-house CAD related work being chased by maniacal time around.

For proprietary technology and will be strictly time in 3D & 2D CAD or have good quality cheap price.

Will solve the following problem for CAD drawings tracing.

Severe degradation can not be reused drawings.

• Using CAD software :

Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, ProE, I-DEAS, NX, Catia ...

Please contact us for any other CAD software.

Appreciated if you send a drawing samples, we will respond in various software.

● About the Staff

We are not responsible for working with engineers from the University of mechanical engineering and
business experience in Japan.

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Please use our means because we have implemented a prototype for free MECATECH.

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Creating sample data

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Design modification drawings
Drawing or CAD
Data conversion

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Fixed 3D model
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