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Mechanical designer, Mechanical drawer as Catia


New member
I'm Roberto Goffi
I'm a mechanical designer, I'm 32 years old and now I don't have a job. I have 11 years of experience in injection molds for plastic parts. I project and drew different products. I used for 6-7 years catia V5 and 1-2 years catia v4.
Now I'm studying English at Lakeview Learning center in Chicago.
I can do any type of course for improve my knowledge. I can travel for job abroad also for a long time.
I'm looking for any kind of job where I can use my ability or an internship.
If you have any questions or for my complete resume you can contact me via PM

Best Regards Roberto
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New member
Is not a problem for me, travel for work or to be relocated. I want move in this country but is really hard, if you can give me an opportunity I can work really hard for my future in your company.
I projected or contributed to the realization of different kinds of injection molds: automotive, alimentary, interior, furniture, double material, with injection gas, rotating molds, multicavity, etc.
I studied English for 5 month abroad and new my level is good.