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Merge Pads and rid of useless elements before engraving text


I want to engrave this piece of metal for a preamp cover. The holes are already cut. I get errors when I try to merge down.
I'm just a beginner hobbyist at this. I've watched a few tutorials on the basics of Catia. Using the'Join' command in Healing assistant,
I get 'connexity error' occurring hundreds of times. Can some tell me what to do so its simplified and I can finish my build and CNC this?
I m using V5R21.




Super Moderator
What do you mean by "merge down" ???

And what are you trying to accomplish by Joining a sketch?

Did you make the 3 Pads yourself, or did you download this file?


By merge down I mean having a file that's exportable to be read in another program like Edgecam. The end result I want is the text lines to show up so they can be milled. I got the pads from a work colleague who had some experience with catia. I modified it, by adding by text in the SSS4 format, and creating a second version where I drew in the lines for letters and numbers using the line and spline tools. I created two versions to see if either could be exported to Edgecam as an experiment.


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Okay. I'm going to make some assumptions based on the first image you attached. Here's what I would do:

1. Since the 3 pads seem to be the same thing; DELETE Pad.3 and Pad.4
2. DELETE Sketch.4 and Sketch.6 since you don't need them and they look like copies of Sketch.1 (if you don't want to delete them, you can HIDE them instead)
3. Double-click on Pad.2 to edit it, and verify the length is the correct thickness of the plate.
4. Hide Sketch.1
5. SAVE AS the file with a new name, so you don't lose the original data

You didn't say if your Edgecam experiment worked or not. Again, I'll make some assumptions that you can successfully export the data and that Edgecam has the ability to engrave the text based on the SSS4 font.

Let me know if my assumptions are wrong.
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