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Merging/Combining two separate views in Drawing view?


New member
To make a long story short, I have a section view of a car's caliper assembly created from the CAD model of the caliper. Similarly, I have a rotor section view from the rotor CAD model. These two section views are on the same drawing sheet.

However, I would like to combine these views... is that possible? I want to do this to show the rotor as if it were inside of the caliper. And I also want to be able to call out dimensions that will extend from parts on the caliper to parts on the rotor. Can this be done??



Super Moderator
If the views are based on the same Axis System, you can superimpose one view on another by using the View Positioning and Superpose in the contextual menu of the view.

Dimensions cannot exist between two different views. A workaround is to Copy & Paste the geometry from one view into another and then add the dimension.
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