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merging surfaces with Rhino


New member
Hi...as you've probably guessed I've only just started using Rhino and I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem.
Here's a pic to show exactly what I mean:

How do I neatly merge these corners?


New member
Hi. I try to explain you fix your problem.

picture 1: You have something like this box.
picture 2: You need to be joined all surfaces
picture 3: Write in the command line up "Fillet" /1/, and choise "FilletEdge" from drop-down menu /2/.
picture4: 1. Mark all edges who want to be filled. 2. Choose your radius.
picture 5: click enter button twice time.

!!!. If you change some options step 4 and step 5 /picture 4 and 5/ just click "enter" button one time and change the option. Enjoy. :)