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Meshing Issue FEA


New member
Hi all, first post here, thought I'd dive right in and ask my question. Many thanks for any help or suggestions you all can provide!

I'm creating a design for my masters project, and I need to run FEA simulations to ensure it's strong enough. Because it's to be 3D printed, the frame has to be constructed from parts small enough to be printed, all of which are bolted together. I've managed to get most of the frame working fine, but a couple of parts won't mesh for some reason. Strangely though, the individual parts mesh fine individually, but not when within the assembly. Even odder, there are two instances of one part, two of another. One of these meshes fine, the other three don't. I thought it may be to do with the bolted connections, so I removed some of them, but it made no difference.

Any ideas? My main problem is, I have no idea where to begin to resolve the issue!