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Minimum and maximum sizes for Inventor models

Marcelo Viana

New member
this site : https://knowledge.autodesk.com/supp...ticles/Inventor-Part-size-maximum-limits.html

Says that the minimum is : 1 micron
and the maximum is: 100 meters

I don't know if it work that way, but if i transform everything in milimeters it goes from 0.000,1 minimum to 100,000 maximum, so that's my maximum line lenght: 100,000.0000

Let's consider then that my project have a requirement pecision of 1mm. in that case my maximum line lenght that was :
100,000.0000 became 1,000,000,000 without float point. or 1,000km across.

Can i make a model with a 500Km radius on a 1 mm precision, or i missed something and the maximum still 100 meters no matter what precission i choose?

Please someone, thanks in advance.:)
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