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Mirror an extrusion.


Hi there,

I am rather new to Solid works and trying to model a simple servo. So far I have built a block 36mm, by 40mm, by 26mm as the main block, and there is an extruded flange on one side. There is now a centerline down the middle of the block, but I can't seem to mirror this extrusion to the other side.

How is this done?

Kind regards



New member
Before the mirror command can be used you must construct a mirror plane.

- click on reference geometry
- select plane
- you can define the plane in several ways. Just make sure it lies on the centerline of your part. Planes might be hidden for you, to show them click view -> planes.
- now perform the mirror feature
- click on the plane you just created as the mirror surface
- then add your feature to be mirrored

note: you might not get the expected result depending on how you defined the flange. If you used 'up to surface' when defining the flange, the mirrored flange will extrude up to that same surface, causing what appears to be a solid extrusion.