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Model perspective when placed in front of a photograph background.


I have drawn a 3D model of a garden pergola and taken a photo of the garden where it will be placed. I have imported the photograph as a background environment picture and tried modifying the 3D object perspective to match the photo - hopefully giving a relatively accurate representation of how the pergola would look when it has been made and installed in the garden. The problem is even with the 'perspective modify' tool set to the lowest setting of '1' it still doesn't look correct - is there a way of using solidworks for doing this properly?
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When you are changing the perspective are you going to View-Modify-Perspective? If so you may find adding a new camera gives you better results as there are more options under the FOV...


I think you would be better off using Visualize to get something really good-looking, but I believe it requires SW professional on subs

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