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Modeling a thermal bonded fleece layer on ABS part


New member
I have a complex surface to which we plan to thermally bond a layer of "fleece."

Problem is I am not sure how to go about modeling this assembly.

It would be ideal to have this be an assembly where the fleece is formed by referencing select faces of the ABS part file (top only) creating a new part for the fleece and making these two files in an assembly.

Am I going about this wrong? Should we be specifying this to the manufacture differently? Perhaps I should be somehow labeling the desired surfaces to have a diffrent material than the rest of the the ABS part. IE: not spending time attempting to model a part specifically for the fleece?


New member
You could create an offset surface from the part the fleece is being bonded to. Create an offset surface for the thickness of the fleece and another surface with zero offset (the face that is bonded to the part). Then create a Boundary Surface using the edges of the two surfaces just created.