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Modeling: Loft Problem


New member
Guys i am so frustrated :( trying to figure out how to model this part. As you can see in the attachments i have a lower 2d triangular part. And above it in 3d space the middle edge is drawn. I want to loft it but its not allowing mixed sketched i.e. open loop and closed loop. The picture i posted, you can see the result i need.

Ist Approach: I made was just extrude the 2d sketch few mm and than do fillet on outer edges which gave me a smooth surface like an arc not the pointy one. As you can see in the image the center edge which has the max height is like a edge which is sharp and have a very small fillet on it.

Guys please help me with this modeling:confused:. I believe there has to be many ways to model this object. I attached my modeling attempt in the zipped file.