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Mold design: can't make tooling split


I'm trying to learn mold design via the SWx tutorial (2011 SDK), and I'm at an impasse on one part. You can download the part here:

Download MD-0004.SLDPRT from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

When I try to make a tooling split based on Sketch8, I get the message "Rebuild Errors. Cannot knit sheets together."

I didn't have this problem on an earlier part I modeled, which you can download here:

Download MD-0002.SLDPRT from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

It's not at all clear to me why the one works and not the other. I've heard things to the effect that this kind of feature can require some hand tweaking, but how do you do that? Plase give me as much detail as you can. Thanks!


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SolidWorks - Scaling and Draft Re-order


You need to reverse the order of Draft and Scaling (Draft before Scaling). Then you would be able to use the sketch 8 as given by you.

You would need to have shut-off surfaces for the holes to have a clean core and cavity. Some of the holes in the handle areas would require a side core, right?

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mould cavity

hi guys i new to solidworks and to forum

i need to design a holding foxture for a rather large hanle assembly we are working with.
my preferred method is to assembly this handle unit into a block and produce a cavity would. however there are voids in the handle and when i do this the cavity produced has the voids as solid indities in it.
is there any other method i could use or is there an option in cavity mould that i am missing?