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mold design help for compression molding



I have a fin part and mold part but I need to create a second mold that will be basically the same a the one I have but with a wall thickness of 1mm more so that I have space between the 2 mold to fit my carbon fabrics.

I tried to use the thickness function in catia but it does not work and always give errors, most probably because of the shape. I unfortunately have no idea how to solve this issue and would require some help.

anybody can have a look at the parts and/or explain what is the way forward?

examples of what I mean



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Go up in the tree and add the Thickness to the aileron (fin) before it's removed from the die block.

(and thanks for including the interesting pictures!)
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I'll try to help you; can you tell us what the error messages say? Also, a picture of the CATIA tree will help understand how you've created this model.