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Molding - Parting Line Problem


New member
First of all i am pretty new at this. It is for my Bachelor Thesis. I have to create a Mold for this particular part and print it later with PolyJet 3D and use the printed Plastic Mold in Plastic Injection Machine. The design of the part doesnt belong to me. I just got the part as .stp file from my supervisor.

I watched tons of tutorials in youtube but still couldnt solve my Problem.
My main Problem is creating a Parting Line. The upside of the Sample is not symetrical so i cant draw a straight line. I tried lots of thing but couldnt managed to create a parting line which makes sense. I am uploading the picture which i marked the parts i am having problem with , with red circles.

Can you help me to create a mold for this particular part?
Thanks in Advance