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Move an arc


New member
I created an arc in right view in Catia, i set it fix, and now i'm trying to manipulate the points in top view and it dont work. I held the pointing hand that turned to the grab hand and nothing moved. When i grab the point and move it in the right view it extends.

I'm following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cJuEIo3IQk and what i trying to do is exactly whats happening in 2:39.

Can somebody help me, thanks in advance.



Super Moderator
Make sure you are working in Sketch.1 when you move the end point of the curve. Sketch.1 should be orange in the tree - if not, double-click on the sketch to edit it.

Also, make sure you are grabbing the vertex and not the curve itself. It looks like the curve is fixed so it cannot be moved.