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Move skeleton catia using parameters


Dear all,
I would like to know if somebody could give me some tips about how to move a mechanism 2d using parameters and formulas in catia ( see attachment ). Captura.JPG
The idea is to move this mechanism through max and min X direction as well as using rotation angles.
Thank you in advance


Super Moderator
This looks like a perfect application for CATIA's DMU Kinematic workbench.

Do you have that license?


Super Moderator
To use Parameters;

Add all the Assembly Contraints to all the parts in the assembly. Use Angle and Offset Constraints whenever you have parts that rotate/move relative to their linked part. Set the values of the Angle and Offset constraints to the Parameters.

Editing the Parameters should re-position all the parts within the assembly mechanism. You will probably get an error message once you reach the limits.