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moving coordinate system?

(moved to new thread to separate topics)

And second question: how move coordination system for exapmple on flat surface on body, make new one or? Thanks.
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second question:

The Absolute Axis System coordinate system cannot be moved, as it is fixed. Instead, move the geometry relative to the coordinate system.

Axis Systems (coordinate systems that you added) can be moved by double-clicking on the axis and changing it's definition.
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Ok, thnks.
When create new axis system on some Body, and make sketch, if use line, direction of line is not (for example)by new axis X - but by direction H. How change or add new axis system with new direction of H and V? When i add new axis system H and V direction is same.


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Instead of a Sliding Sketch, use a Positioned Sketch in order to define the origin and Horizontal & Vertical directions of the sketch.

In my previous response, I was referring to the 3D coordinate system (XYZ) of the CATPart or CATProduct. Were you asking about the 2D coordinate system (HV) of a sketch?

May I suggest taking a CATIA class to learn the basics of CATIA V5. You will learn much quicker and have less confusion.
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