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Multi cam rendering?


New member
Hey, i'm a new member here, May aswell introduce myself here. I'm 22 and from Scotland, Been working with 3D for quite a few years, The majority of my 3D Experience was from Cinema 4D but i haven't touched that since i started studying 3D Animation last year where i use 3D Studio Max. Alot of the knowledge has crossed over and alot has been learnt since i started college, I would consider myself a pretty proficient modeller, Not so much with animation lol.

Anyways the problem im looking for help with is Multicam rendering, For example can i set something in max to render from multi cams, Like From frame 1-100 render cam 1 then from frame 100 - 150 render cam 2 and be left with one .avi output. At the moment i'm having to use batch renderer to render each camera separately and have to piece together the clips with video editing software which is fine but it would really help if i could just do the editing within max because lets face it im a lazy student who hates video editing lol.
Thanks and Hello :)