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Multi-section solid - problem with closing points


New member
Hello all,

I'm trying to design a wing but I have a problem with the following feature : multi-sectional solid. When I try to create a solid with 2 sketches, the closing points are well placed but not their arrows ! It results the feature can't generate the solid, of course. I also tried with the coupling function, it's better but there are still some problems.

Do you have an idea how to change the closing point direction ? I precise that when I click on the arrow, the direction is updated but not in the good direction.

The problem :

The CADpart generated with CatiaV5R20,

Thank you


Super Moderator
Sometimes the direction arrows look like they are pointing in different directions,but they really are not. The arrows will either point in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

If both arrows are the same and the Closing Points are aligned, the Multi-Section Solid should not be twisted.
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New member
You're right about the arrows, thanks !

However, I still had a tangential problem with my curves. I solved it by draw my wing in small steps : Leading edge/Trailing edge/ Skin/ Beam/ etc...


Thank you for your help !