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Multi-surface to one surface


New member
I have a surface model of a helmet made up of thousands of surfaces in CATIA. I want to be able to join these surfaces into one and then convert it into a PartBody solid instead of a Geometrical set solid which is what I have currently.


Super Moderator
In the GSD workbench, use JOIN to combine all the surfaces into a single surface.

Then switch to Part Design and use Thick Surface to make a solid.


New member
I tried using the thick surface but I get an error which I have attached a screenshot of.


I have the joined the surfaces using the close surface which did work but I cannot remove the split lines. I've tried using the simplify results, ignore erroneous results and also the Federate All but the split lines remain.


New member
Thick surface


Try reducing the thickness value.Use healing to heal all the gaps and then join.All the best.