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Nee Help with Script for deactivating independent sketches


New member

I am having problems trying to write a script for deactivating independent sketches. The Catia documentation example doesn't seem to work for me. When I try it, it wants to pick all sketches instead of just the ones not related to any geometry. I have listed the example below, which is given in the documentation. If anybody can help with this, I'd appreciate it.

Thank You,

Rich :confused:


o Property Sketches( ) As CATIASketches (Read Only)

Returns the body's Sketches collection. These skectches are independent from any shape, since they haven't yet been used to create shapes.
The following example returns in skColl the collection of independent sketches of the main body of partDoc part document:
Dim body As Body
Set body = partDoc.Part.Bodies.MainBody
Set skColl = body.Sketches