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need a bit of help


New member
hi ppl

am brand new to ths fourm ...n i kindda wanna ask u ppl for a favor..

as a project our autocad instructor asked us to ask ppl from all around the world abt autocad..so u think it'd be ok to answer a few quetions for me plz? (--')

where r u from?
in which uneversity do u study?
r an undergrad or a postgrad?
which year r u?
wat's ur major?

when did u take ur first autocad course at the uni?
do u think autocad is easy to use?
how much do use it ?n for wat?
in ur opinion,what's the best way to learn autocad?(tutorial vedios,books,fourms.....)
which version of the program do u prefer?y?
what kind of units do u use (metric-inches)?
is autocad better than other programs?can u name them n sum up y?
or is it worse?can u name them n sum up y?
what r the things u luv about autocad?n what r the things u like about it?
ur outocad drawings...do u use other programs with outocad to edit them or color them ?wat r those programs?

srry if they're too many...
waitong for ur answers

see ya