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Need Cad/Cam solution-profit sharing opportunity


New member
I am in the Custom Foot Orthotics business and have been making orthotics by hand for almost thirty years.

I need to take the scanned 3d file of a foot, make several standard modifications to the shape, drape a surface over the modified shape and then trim and work with the draped surface. Then finally nest it with other work files and send the toolpath/gcode to a router.

I assume a plug-in in Rhino, or Autocad, or a similar platform would be more cost effective than trying to have a standalone program written.

I don't have a big development budget. So, I would like to find a programmer capable of making a marketable product and willing to earn residuals from future sales and updates.


New member
Have you found a partner yet? Otherwise PM me your contact, I think we could work this out.
I've done orthopedics prototyping before and have been around metal working for 30 yrs (design, NC program down to shop work). Your project seems to be within my league.

Guy Mathews

New member
Right up your alley


Checkout our website. Still in its infancy. I use the Fastscan and an LDI Surveyor 3500. I do CAM in Visual Mill 6.0 and can Post Process to over 200 different machines.


Your scanned files will be a breeze!



New member
gaittec, loonatik, I have similar ideas in the orthotic design area. please PM me if you would like to discuss further.