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need help about casting


New member
hello everyone,
i am new to this forum. i need some information about casting. Can someone please tell me which casting method (die casting or sand casting) to use for manufacturing of camshaft and crankshaft?and which gating system to use for camshaft and crankshaft manufacturing? i have one project where there are 3 cams on camshaft so will there be single gate or multiple gates shall i use for it? I need this info very urgently so please please please help me out.
thanks in advance.


New member
sand vs. die casting - not so easy to answer

Answer your's question is not so easy. Decision about technology and gate system depend on may parameters. To decide about die or sand you should take into account volume of components and about required quality. Forging is not possible to use? It is usual technology for cam & crank shafts.
Feeding (gate) system for casting depend on shape - diameters, length, changes in profile over length - shrinkage to be avoided, etc....