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Need help with a project...

I want to design a model DNA double helix, but the catch is that i need it to be hollow )
I am making a present for my girlfriend, who is a genetics major, and i am going to be filling this helix with liquid chocolate
(I talked to Seroogy's chocolate company, and they said if i provided them the piece, they'd fill it and make sure everything was correct
with temp, pressure etc... for the chocolate to cure properly)


that is the general idea of what this thing needs to look like. I plan on machining it out of aluminum.
The best way that i can think about doing it is by having multiple pieces, (the whole helix needs to be only 0.762m long or thereabouts)
and then clamping the pieces together after machining.

anyone with ideas (or anyone who needs clarification from my sloppily written directions lol) just comment on my post. If someone could help me with this I'd really appreciate it :)

Thanks a MILLION,