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Need help with complex sweep on cylindrical face


I am looking to recreate the slotted groove of a part that is pictured. It is one of the more complex sweeps I've ever had to do. The swept cut is failing at the first elbow going into the zig zagged portion of the slot. The sweep appears to be self-intersecting and An added wrinkle to this slotted groove is that it's wider in one section and narrower in other sections.

The section and their corresponding slotted widths are circled in red in each attached picture.

IMG_2677 = part I'm trying to replicate
1.jpg = 0.150" diameter groove goes all the way around the circumference of the part (circled in red)
2. jpg = 0.125" diameter groove goes through the first section of the groove (circled in red)
3.jpg = 0.100" diameter groove goes through the second zig-zag section of the groove (circled in red) [I think this is where self intersection is occurring]

I've also attached a picture of where the sweep begins to fail. It looks like the sweep isn't following the cylindrical face properly and it is straying off my intended path.

If anyone could help me out with this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



it is hard to tell from the photo, how do the 0.125 blends with the 0.100? Have you tried using a centre line and solid sweep (probably multiple)