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Need immediate 3D CAD modifications done.


New member

I'm looking to hire a 3D CAD person to modify some drawings for me. I need this done in the next couple of days. Please contact me at [email protected] or phone 260-750-2993. After you contact me I'll send you the STL files and the sketches of the changes that are required. I will also need a price quote on this before you begin the work.



New member
Drawing service. 2D & 3D service

-Drawing of designs, drawings, drafts from a hard copy to AutoCAD(.dwg)
-Drawing of schemes, figures, diagrams, tables, graphs and etc.
-Drawing of Course projects and Diploma papers.
-Drawing of assembled units and mechanisms.
-Сreation of three-dimensional designs from two-dimensional drawings.
-Visualization of 3D models of products for product advertising and publishing websites.
-Finishing of ideas, drafted on paper and forimg of professional 2D drawings or 3D designs in the following areas: architecture, construction, interior design, machinery construction and machine elements.
-Furniture design
-Development of complete interior designs
-Development of architectural designs.
-Development of exact 3D models of architectural projects from completed drawings and making calculations for bills of quantity with high punctuality from 3D closed volumes.
-3D vizualizations of architectural designs.

http://drawing-service.eu/EN/service.html Drawing service



New member
Hi Chad,
I was wondering, do you need 3D CAD person on a let's call it a 'regular' basis, or was it a one time only job.
If you do I would like to present my work to you and see what happens next eventually.