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Need PDM for CATIA v5: TeamCenter versus SmarTeam

I'm trying to compare TeamCenter to SmarTeam for my company, which uses only one CAD package - CATIA v5.

Because the PDM systems change so fast, I'm trying to determine which is better for my company.

If your company only uses CATIA v5, then which PDM does it use and why?

Currently, I'm trying to compare the following characteristics of each system:
* Time to upload or download assemblies
* Lag time from latest release of CATIA v5
* Efficient at handling workflows and sign offs?
* Lag time to respond to request?
* Efficient at handling effectivity and BOM changes?
* Difficulty in training new users?
* Ability to interact with other offices within corporation?
* How does it handle 'relational design'?
* How easily can configuration be controlled?
* Is it fully integrated into CATIA v5?
* Does it need translators?
* Does it offer ECN control the way you want it to?
* Is it scalable? Can it be easily merged with an enterprise-level PDM solution?
* How easily will it be able to transition into CATIA v6?
* Can the software be easily tailored to our corporate practices?
* Can the software handle other CAD packages?
* Can the software handle other file formats?
* Are all iterations of revisions saved, as done in Enovia? Or only the last 3, as with the web-based TC?
* How well can it import legacy data?

Are there any other useful comparisons that need to be made?

What does your company use and why?