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need simple image converted 4 ingraving


New member
I have a simple image of a symbol with a stylized banner with text (Font is--comercial script BT). That sounds more complcated than it really is.
My client wants this engraved into the top of a cover for a car air cleaner. I have tried several tracing programs, but they do not provide even the limited amount of detail needed. I'm not talking about an animal, or someones face.
I have the basic part drawn in autocad, but am having trouble with the banner and text.
I thought maybe if I used my SolidEdge v20 to open the Acad drawing and use the drafting function with its greater options, that might help---But to no avail.
Could anyone offer any advice. Being sort of thick headed, Ill need step by step directions. I sure am hoping it may be as simple as adding a button like thicken when using the surfacing tollbar.
Thank you


New member

1. have you tried importing the image in to a part sketch and trace over it with general drawing commands? See Insert Sketch.

2. Do you have the image in a drawing format (DXF/DWG)? IF so, open in draft then select it and copy paste in to a part sketch.

3. you can also draw text in a part skech and wrap around curves or arcs. It sounds like you know the font, and if it's installed on your machine, you can use that font when adding text in a sketch.

Depending on which of the above, I can give more how too's if needed. Just need some direction before i type out some steps.