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New Bug: File size growing exponentially!


New member
Can anyone help me fix a bug?

I have a part that I have been using in an assembly for ~1 month now. Today I have been having trouble getting it to open or save smoothly. I had to reboot a few times as my computer froze.

Then I noticed that the file size for that part was really big, 30-ish megs. Then it was 60....now it's 119megs. It has grown about 20x just this morning, with no edits or changes to the part....it's just growing, and crashing my computer.

No other part or assembly is affected. Just this one part, that I really don't want to try to recreate.



New member
It should not be a problem in 2007 SP5. That last revision you should see older than SP3. Please check to see if you have SP3.1 or newer installed. If you do, something higher level might be causing the issue. According to SW Corp, this was an issue caused by MicroSoft, and the fix required a patch...but again, this was only an issue in older SPs of 2007 and possible 2006.