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New person To Pro-E


New member
Hi all,

I found this forum through google and was hoping that some of you may be able to help me.

I originally studied Mechanical Engineering in The Uk and graduated about 10 years ago.

While studying I was using pro-engineer and really enjoyed it and its capabilities.

I strayed away from Engineering soon after graduating to follow my career in Environmental work, but unfortunately my career is not taking me anywhere.

I am a big car fanatic and I am interested in creating aftermarket tuning parts for various cars.

However, before jumping into everything head first, I want to walk before I can run.

I need to try and work out what package may be worth while for me to get as I am looking to design, have fluid flow simulations and CNC/moulding capability. Can anyone recommend what I require or is Pro-engineer not the tool for the job?

As I mentioned it has been a fe years, since I have been in this side of things and to say I am a little rusty is an understatement. :D

Also, I currently have a budget of £500 and was wondering what computer I could get to run and utilise the Pro-E software package.

Any recommendations welcome. I am willing to increase the budget if it will benefit operational efficiency.

Sorry for all the questions.

Many thanks beforehand.



Pro Engineer Basics

Hi Marc,

You can try reading posts on "http://proedesignstudy.blogspot.com/". I think its somewhat elaborate for newbies.

Hope this will help.



Best CAD Package.

Hi all,

I'm wanting to set up my own CAD design service. I can use both pro-engineer and Solidworks as well as acad, however was wondering which is the most industry recognised before I purchase anything.
I've do have many years experience in engineering fabrication but when it comes to dealing with clients and emailing data files. which software are people most likely to use
My website is
http//www.jasperjoe.co.uk or http//www.jasperjoes.webs.com
I would be grateful for any advice