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New profil on structural design


New member
Hello, i would make a structure on catia, but i didn't want use american's tubes, i want use french's referencies, i have use a tutorial for insert other profils, but when i select the shape on catia, the shape appears on the tree, but not in my model, i have just the grid ..... have you got a solution for my problem?

Thank you very much,


PS: Sorry for my bag English, i'm french and i don't use translator ^^


Super Moderator
There are several things that could cause the shape to not be displayed. Here are several things to try:

1. click the VIEW menu (top of screen) and make sure there is a check in front of GEOMETRY

2. use VIEW + FIT-ALL-IN to zoom-out so all geometry is displayed on window

3. right-click on shape in tree and choose REFRAME ON to zoom-in on the shape geometry

4. use the SWAP SCREEN icon to make sure the shape is not hidden

5. right-click on the Geometric Set (or Body) containing the shape and choose DEFINE AS WORK OBJECT

6. if using layers, make sure the active Visualization Filter is ALL

Foxty, your English is not bad at all. Much better than my French!


New member
Hi, i have test your method, but the shapes don't appear ... i have check if they are hidden, they are not hidden ... And i have define as work the object, the option was appear just once, next nothing (no diffrence with and without) :/

When i have find the filter's options, ALL was already allow.

Help me please lol !