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New Rhino User, help requested on 2 subjects.

Tom Kay

New member

I've just started using the V4 demo and so far, so good. The only other software I have used to draw, was Corel Draw V9, which I can honestly say I love using. It's quick, intuitive, but it's not 3D, which is the reason for the upgrade.

I was hoping that Rhino would be quick to learn, and it's not bad. My goal is to model homebuilt aircraft, and also home renovations. So far I've drawn a steel tube fuselage and the framework of a wing, (ribs and spars). It looks great, and I think I'm going to like this program.

But I do have a few questions.

Let's say I have a 2D object (rectangle, circle, wing rib outline, whatever) and I simply want to know how big it its. Is there a way to quickly determine its width and height? I'd imagined that I'd be able to highlite any object and use some tool to tell me how big the object is. The Analyze tool doesn't seem to work quite like this.

Second question, and I'll hold it there for my first post. Re-sizing objects. I know how to scale, in 1,2 or 3D. But let's say I just hap-hazardly draw any old rectangle in 2D, and it happens to be 3.643 inches wide, by 2.227 inches high. Is there an easy way to simply change the size to 3.65 by 2.23 exactly, without scaling? I mean, can I just highlite the object, and type in new width and length values and hit enter? This is how it's done in Corel, without scaling. It's very fast to adjust sizes like this, no math involved.

Thanks, and I appreciate any feedback. Tom Kay, Ottawa Canada.

Tom Kay

New member

That certainly looks like exactly what I'm looking for. I downloaded it, but I suspect that it won't install properly on the V4 demo.

Is there now a demo version of 5 available?

Thanks, Tom.

Tom Kay

New member
OK, next silly question:

I downloaded the copy of Box Edit plugin and loaded it into the V4 demo version. At first, it seemd to load properly, but when I restart Rhino I get an indication in the Pluins manager that it isn't loaded.

My demo version is SRB5, so I thought it would work. So, can you help me load this plugin, assuming I'm doing it wrong?

And, once it's loaded, how do you access it while you're drawing a shape? Is there a line in the Edit drop-down menu? Do I just double-click on any shape to bring it up?

Thanks, Tom.
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