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New to CAD design need some help


Hello everyone,

To start off i will say i'm extremely new to CAD design, i showed interest at work and decided to self-teach myself, eventually i want to take over drafting and modeling at work and update our old drawings.

I have a question regarding the modeling of a check valve, you see it's a hex bar machined with a taper on both ends, now our currents drawings give me the OD on the ends of the check and the end of the taper but no angles and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to model the tapered ends in solid works.

I've included a 2D drawing of what the check looks like.

Thank you,



New member
To model the taper you must first have the hex stock created. Now you should subtract the taper from the hex stock. To accomplish that you should use a revolve cut. The revolve cut requires a closed sketch defining the taper cross section and an axis to revolve the sketch around.

Good luck!