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New to CATIA V5R18... Question about measuring dimensions in Assy/Shape Designs WBs.


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Hello, and thanks for listening. I am somewhat new to CATIA V5. I have taken some very basic training classes to familiarize myself with some of the more elementary tools and capabilities. I am not yet an expert, however, and I'm sure it will take many years before I get there, haha.

To get right to the point, I have a part given to me from a supplier, and it opens in the Regenerative Shape Design workbench. Based on the file and restrictions, it is the only workbench I can open it in, and the entire PartBody tree for the part can't be viewed.

I want to measure the thickness or distance from one face to another, is there a way to do this? When I try to use the 'distance between' tool, the dimension always comes back wrong because it takes a weird diagonal measurement. I want the y-direction distance from face A to face B - can this be done?

Thank you very much. If I need to provide more details, I can. Hopefully this explained it well enough.


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To measure the distance between two faces, use the Measure Between tool (icon with a ruler and two-headed arrow).

measure between.jpg

There are two options that will help you get the results you want:


The top section of the panel allows you to define the selection modes (specify the geometry you want to measure). I normally set both of these to Any Geometry, Unlimited - that seems to work for me for most measures. Try it and see if you get the distance you want.

To measure the two faces, you might want to change both selection modes to Surface Only.

You might also want to use Surface Only for one mode, and Selection Point for the other, and see if you get better results.


In the bottom corner of the panel is a Customize button to chose the results. To get the Y-distance between the two faces, turn on the Components options in order to display the measured distance as X, Y, and Z components.

did you sove your triangle problem from a couple months ago? http://www.3dcadforums.com/catia-forum/6639-new-catia-simple-execution-question-well-few-more.html
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Wow! You are such a big help, thanks a ton. The x, y, z component measurement was exactly the thing I needed.

I did finally end up resolving my triangle issue, again, thanks to your help! I also asked my work about CATIA training and they sent me a large internal site with lots of self-guided training, and I'm signed up for a two week off-site class in February.

Thanks again for all the help.