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newbie help with generative analysis

Hi all i hope you can help! We have recently changed over to using catia at work and im having a few teething problems:rolleyes: most of which ive managed to sort! As silly as it sounds when i try and run a static simulation everything goes well until i try and add loads or restraints because well errr the tool bars aren't there!! ive followed various tutorials and guides but i have no load or restraint tool bar available?!?!

Any ideas? they are checked in the view tool bars menu so im assuming they should pop up when i click the restrain or load sub tree?

any help gratefully appreciated
catia generative analysis newbie help

Hi all, I hope someone can help! im just settling in with catia but having problems carrying out generative analysis. Everything goes well but ive got no load or restraint tool bar:confused: Ive followed a couple of different tutorials to the letter but no tool bar? and its ticked as shown in the tool bar options menu.

Anyone help would be very gratefully recieved
A very frustrated harry:D


New member
As per my understanding of youtr problem, your Tool bar is available to giove load, but disabled.
If that is the case, please click the "Mesh" tool, (Which is like trianle) and the load toolbar will be activated.