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[Newbie]Hifi preamplifier front plate part problem with holes


Dear Sirs and Madams!

I have extruded rectangle (w700mm, h150mm and d40mm). I am creating front plate of preamplifier and I need two holes of radius 3.75mm (for left & right channel potentiometer shafts) and therefore I created two circles (using sketch) on extruded rectangle. How do I make holes from these circles?preampFrontPanel.jpg


Lucy Appleby

New member
Reply: Hifi preamplifier front plate part problem with hole

Hi Marko

If you are looking to simply make two holes from these circles you need to go to the Features tab and select Extruded Cut.

When the tab appears on the left hand side of the screen choose From Sketch Plane in the first drop down menu and under Direction 1 select Through All from the drop down menu.

Select the sketches of the circles you would like to convert into holes and then click the green tick.

Hope that helps

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