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No solids or work area, V5R19 on Vista


New member
I´ve got just installed Catia V5R19 SP2 and the installation finished ok, but when I try to start the program I can´t see the work area or the solids, but on the other hand all the toolbars appear.
I attach a picture.
I need a solution so thanks and excuse my english.


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New member
Maybe, you disable geometry here: top menu/View/Geometry, also check tree visibility: F3 button or top menu/View/Specifications


New member
When I try to open a file or starting a new project nothing happens, the program continues with the same aspect.
In the past I used Catia with XP (and the same Cd) and all goes ok, but now after change may computer which cames with the windows vista nothing works.
In theory this release of Catia is totally compatible with Vista but something goes wrong.
I hate vista!


New member
I read the article you send me but I can´t install the fixes, windows says: "The update is not applicable to the system", maybe my Vista don´t need these fixes.
Maybe is something relationated with the graphic drivers, but I´ve got installed the las version and it works with opengl.
I don´t Know what to do!!!