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offline licence error


New member

I had an offline license working fine on a laptop. The server shows the license as running til 11 nov 2009, but the laptop now deos not see the license. When I run th enodelock key management tool, it says there is no license info in the nodelock file, which has zero kb file size.

When I try to extract another licence I get an 'invalid timestamo' error.

Any ides?

V5 R17

LUM 4.6.8



New member
Offline License Error

I've had this problem on a laptop computer. When the laptop was on battery power it was configured to turn off the NIC card to save power. The NIC card has the MAC address and LUM could not find the associated MAC address with the power off.

Change your settings to keep NIC card on with battery power on.

Quick test if this is the problem: Try to checkout another license. The address will show as 000000 in the upper right panel corner.