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Online Training: CATIA V5 Composites Design & Manufacturing

Online Training: CATIA V5 Composites Design & Manufacturing (CV5_CPE_CPM_EN_OL_02)

This CATIA V5 Composites Design & Manufacturing Online Training is based on Composites Design and Composites Grid Design CATIA V5 workbenches, covering both Composites Part Engineering (CPE) & Composites Part Manufacturing (CPM) and helps engineers and technicians to become specialists in designing composites parts and creating the necessary data inside CATIA V5 for manufacturing the composites parts by an end-to-end proven process developed by GURUCAD in the last 10 years.

At the end of this course, you will not only master the CATIA V5 modules: Composites Design and Composites Grid Design, used in designing composite parts for different industries: Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Rail Industry, High Speed Trains, Automotive, Racing Cars and Formula 1 ... but you'll also know when to use one of the four most commonly used composite materials design methods: Grid Design, Zones & Transition Zones Design, Solid Slicing Design, and Ply by Ply. These 4 methods included in this online course are used in 99.99% design of composite parts.

CATIA V5 Composite Designer Specialist

Course duration:
6 weeks (240 hours), but you get 6 months 24/7 access to this course

Professional success in international corporations

Course Outcome:
Develops key capabilities in composite design with CATIA V5

Course format:
Online in English (language of international corporations), accessible from any device

Number of participants:
maximum 100 participants per group, the next group will start the course on April 1, 2020

Live Q & A Sessions (Questions and answers):
2 hours of weekly Q & A sessions in English, where your questions will be clarified

Community / group especially for this course participants:
Access to latest information, news & experts by participating in group discussions

Additional benefits:
Become very motivated and ready to get out of the crowd and get a job in an international corporation

CATIA V5 Composite Designer

Thank you very much for your question and your interest in our online training CATIA V5 Composites Design & Manufacturing Online Training!

Please visit this link to get more information about this course and also see the price list. As we change the prices for our online courses every now and then, we cannot write them here as they will get, in 6 months, probably obsolete.

Link: https://www.online-trainings-academ...acturing-online-training-cv5_cpe_cpm_en_ol_02

See you in our online course CATIA V5 Composites Design & Manufacturing and in ist related Facebook group!

Best Regards,
Online Trainings Academy within company GURUCAD GERMANY GmbH