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Ordinate dimensions????


New member
can some one tell me how to change the style of the cumulated dimensions to look like the standard ordinate dimensions. iether that of tell me how to just create standard ordinate dimensions?

i have been trying for days to get it and from what i can tell it is a setting that is locked for me, the user, and can only be controlled by the admin guys.....

i need to remove the dimension line and leave the extension line so as to have a normal ordinate dimension... can any one help PLEASE


Super Moderator
You can try different drafting standards that are pre-defined in CATIA; ANSI, ASME, ISO, JSO, DIN. If you're lucky, one of those will create the dimensions exactly like you want them.

But, it will probably take on of your "admin guys" to create and customize a drafting standard based on your company's requirements. Go talk to them and tell them what you need.


New member
I am having the same problem as you (Jagodragon). I am wondering if you were ever able to solve this and get an admin to create a new drafting standard for you so you could use the proper ordinate dimensions?

If you solved this please let me know how you did it.

Thank you!


New member
I have the same problem as you (Jagodragon).

I am just wondering, were you able to figure out how to make ordinate dimensions?

Did you go to your admin and set up a new standard?

Attached is a picture of what I am having trouble with. I cannot get those lines to move where I want them and make it readable.