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Other parts get hidden when I hide one part

Tuấn Long Vũ

New member

Part.1 (the lower part), Hole.1 (in that lower part) and ThickSurface.2 (as highlighted) go hidden altogether when I hide one of them. But as I can see, those 3 parts are independent from each other.


Super Moderator
The attached picture is small and hard to read. But it looks like you have one model with several features (Pad, Hole, ThickSurface in the PartBody. When you HIDE one of the features, all the features in the PartBody are hidden - that's the way it works with a CATPart file.

Instead of using Hide, try right-clicking on a feature and use Deactivate to blank it off, and Activate to see it again.


New member
theyre being hide because they on the same body. they may have been independent by theyre acting as one solid model.
if you want them to be seperated try to do each part on different bodies.

hope this