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Outsourcing Heat Exchanger Engineering & Design Services

Heat exchangers designs are regularly incorporated in the flow sheets of process equipment in a wide range of industrial plants, refineries, factories and allows transfer or exchange of heat in industrial process equipment. Heat exchanger design and detailing allow transfer or exchange of heat in industrial process equipment. These heat exchangers can be used for both heating and cooling, however, they are predominantly used for cooling and regulating temperature in industrial facilities.

INDOVANCE Inc is a specialized CAD partner of AEC companies and provides a wide range of Heat Exchanger design and drafting services to Industrial, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Power, Marine, Cold Chain, and Process industries. Our team is skilled, experienced, well-versed with industry standards, and aware of the industry needs and evolution.

We have successfully delivered comprehensive 2D drawings and 3D models or illustrations for the manufacturing of different types of heat exchangers across various industries. We offer Calculation and structural analysis of heat exchangers, heat exchanger designing and detailing of different grades and capacity with detailed BOM’s list, 3D modeling of heat exchanger for digital illustration, comprehensive and accurate 2D heat exchanger drawings, CFD & FEA analysis.

Why Choose INDOVANCE as your CAD Partner?
· Two decades of trusted partnership with global companies
· 3-Stage quality checks to meet your quality standards
· ISO 9001:2015 certified operations for quality
· Secured server for data exchange & storage
· Save up to 54% on your CAD overheads
· Quick Turnaround Time (TAT)
· On-time Delivery, Every time
· Accuracy – Access to Expertise. Right first time, no rework
· Transparency – Direct access to a skilled and experienced team
· Scalability – Project acceleration option in case of a project schedule change
· Flexibility – Integration with an offsite team, working as your extended team
· Hassle-Free – Zero Setup Cost
· Growth Partnership - Focus on your Core Competency
· Cultural Alignment